Target a specific audience using Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook Advertising?

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Decide where to send people

Let JD Consulting help you give some real thought to where you want to send people when they click or tap your Facebook ad. For example, to build awareness or just generally promote your website, you'd send people to your home page. But if you're trying to get sales of a specific product, direct people straight to your product's page. Or if your website advertisement is for a promotion, send people to a web page where they can learn more. JD Consulting specializes in optimising your business advertising campaigns, contact us today.

Create an ad to get people to click

With assistance from JD Consulting once you've decided on the aim of your Facebook Clicks to Website ad, we then select images, brainstorm a headline and description specific for your business, and choose a call-to-action button tailored to your advertising goal. JD Consulting ensures that your call-to-action button corresponds to the action that you want people to take. For example, you would use the Shop Now button to send customers directly to your online shop or a Learn More button to give people information. We will ensure that the goals you want to achieve through advertising is met with our expertise.